March 22, 2017

I’m a Connoisseur of Fine Memes

I have been digesting memes on a daily basis for a while now — like four years or so. I know they originated somewhere on 4chan and have evolved to be everything from the vehicle of the weird-twitter movement to the symbol of the Alt-Right movement. At the end of the day, they are fun and a great waste of time.

I had an issue where I wasn’t seeing the best memes, and I had to go to like 10 different sites. I wanted to change that. I wrote some code, dropped it on my home server, and have been collecting memes like it is my job. I take in everything, to include gifs, and push them out through an API (like I made a SUPER basic front-end site, and it is located at

The app has a few features:

  1. Login” with just a username

  2. The current meme a person is on depends on the username they are logged in with. Thus, if you login as bob” and close your browser while at meme number 6000, the same meme (number 6000) will be the first meme you see when you login later as bob”

  3. The memes go back in time, for example, if you start at meme 100, the next meme will be number 99

  4. You can hit get latest memes” and the most recent meme will be displayed

  5. The sites that are pulled from capture much of society, so if St. Paddy’s day is going on, there will probably be a bunch of memes around that time about St. Paddy’s day. Or, if President Trump tweeted something about Israel, there might be some memes about that. Who knows, society dictates and the app merely displays it

  6. If you right click and save the entire page, and open it later, it will still work. The page is standalone. You could literally email the webpage to someone and it would work (instead of just giving them the link)

Give it a go, see if you like it. If you do, then awesome — enjoy!

(here are some screenshots)

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