May 9, 2018

Keeping Focused

People ask me, Ryan, how do you keep focused? and the honest answer is that I don’t. I squirrel out most of the time. I mean, I will jump to a thousand different things at any given time. However, I do have moments of clarity, and during these moments of clarity I am usually listening to music.

Currently, my tool of choice for laser-like focus is This site essentially asks you some personality questions and then plays you a computer-generated audio stream using a mix of alpha, beta, and delta waves in an attempt to keep you focused based on your own needs. For example, if I say that I get sooooper fidgity and squirrel the F out most of the time, then might send me more delta waves when it renders my next audio stream.

The results are immediate and last for hours. Honestly, I love it.

You need great headphones though, so don’t skimp. I recently just bought these guys: Satechi Headphonessatechi

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