March 15, 2018

What a Life

I live in Germany. I have four kids, and they are perfect. I mean, at least two of them try to kick me in the balls on the reg, but like, besides that they are perfect. My wife is awesome. She works, so I have more money to hide my nonsense internet purchases. Shopping through Amazon blows, because there is a detailed record of the transaction, but if I subscribe to PornHub then that represents an intangible note on our bank statement (to be fair, I don’t use PornHub - if I am in the mood, I am all about #soapybutts ala 1990’s softcore).

My job is about supporting people that need legal help. If they need assistance, then I am here. I am like Matthew McConaughey from Lincoln Lawyer. I will help the best and the worst, whatever, I don’t care.

On this particular day (Mar 15, 2018), I got an acquittal in a rape case. That means that the jury came back and said Not Guilty.” In their heart, they were probably saying, what just happened, this guy is hella innocent why are we were?!” But of course, I can’t say that in open court, I can only allude to the hella innocent” part. At the end of the day, the system is imperfect, but it is the best damned system in the world.

I am lucky to work with great people. Smart people. Smarter than me, by a longshot. I wish I could compare, but I can’t - so what do I do? I fill in the gaps. If there is something that needs to be done, well dammit, I fill that role. One day I will be smart, but for now, I acknowledge my failures.

Hey. Hey! If you are still reading…good on ya, I stopped reading 10 minutes ago.

I am going to submit this mug because I haven’t submitted much in the last year. I have been busy with being lazy. Truth be told though, lazy is amazing, do you know how much content is on Netflix?!

Till next time internets.

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