I am going to make videos starting on Outlook development in Visual Studio 2015 Community, and I will be using the Add-In-Express library. (read full post)

I LOVE SMALL CODE. I love code that can be cobbled together in a weekend and used every single day. What is the easiest way to write code that is used every day? (read full post)

Both AngularJS and DurandalJS have data-binding. The methods that they employ to perform this function is arbitrary as they are both easy, logical, and are straight-forward. However, as you might have some inherent preferences, I show how each framework performs binding. (read full post)

These two technologies compete in many respects as they both seem to tackle the same problem. What problems are these frameworks trying to tackle? (read full post)

Pulling a multi-graph object with async functions is difficult, here is a way to do it. (read full post)

In this video, I look at Google App Scripts and specifically dive into the ScriptDb, which is a document database (think MongoDB) that is attached to your Google App Scripts and how you can create a public consumable RESTful service that saves data to, and pulls data out, of the ScriptDb database. (read full post)

I made a three part series looking at some of my favorite javascript frameworks, to include KnockoutJS, SammyJSand RequireJS. Flash cards reviewing this subject matter are included above. This video looks at KnockoutJS. (read full post)

Hey there sports fans, so this is a 5 minute crash course on RequireJS. Enjoy the quick lesson into awesomeness. (read full post)

In this video, I show how to take KnockoutJS, SammyJS, and RequireJS and put them together into a framework for single page applications. Note however, the purpose of this video is to show just how difficult and tedious this is, and why frameworks like DurandalJS and AngularJS should be used instead. (read full post)

Native or Hybrid, or a pure Webview...what is the answer? If it is hybrid, then let Phonegap be the route you take, and let Telerik's tools guide you. (read full post)

ASP .NET has a new identity provider that provides for a decoupled, Entity Framework based, claim-backed, and OWIN hosted identity model.  This means, among other things,  that you can easily extend a user by merely adding a property on the model and running a migration against EF. A huge part of this though is built-in support for multiple identity providers, like Twitter, Facebook, MSFT, and Google+. (read full post)

When I last looked at Durandal it was in an interesting place. It was definitely in a v1 status, but it had some docs up there, a thriving Google Groups forum, and a possibility for a real future. (read full post)

AngularJS is a client-side framework that supercharges your application with modern amenities as long as you stick to its opinionated views. (read full post)

KrakenJS is a convention layer over ExpressJS, which means that you don't have to think about how to configure or arrange your express project, Kraken will go ahead and arrange it that way for you. (read full post)

This tutorial shows you how to hook up easy messaging with Connect Flash (req.flash()) and DustJS (read full post)

The people over at Durandal Inc. (that's right, it is now a full-fledged company) have made something new and super-awesome. It is called Aurelia and represents the most forward-thinking framework on the scene right now. (read full post)
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